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At this stage in the COVID-19 pandemic, workers understand more than ever that they deserve better protections and fair treatment. We’re mobilizing this momentum toward a just recovery.

Labour justice is climate justice, and any transition of power must include (and represent the needs of) the working class. It must also be based on a clear understanding about the oppressive systems imposed here in “B.C.” on stolen lands, and the contemporary context and realities in which we are currently living.

It’s time to redistribute power and mobilize cross-sector and across the province, putting solidarity in action by demanding a safe and equitable future for all. This campaign encompasses our Network’s collective visions for the future as precarious and non-unionized workers across “B.C.”

We’re Calling For…

  • At least 10 permanent paid sick days (3 each year, +7 Accrued)
  • Job protection legislation for non-unionized and precarious workers
  • Protecting tips, demanding fair gratuity redistribution
  • Supporting the decriminalization of Sex Work
  • Ending racism, discrimination, and ableism in the workplace
  • Ending gender-based violence and sexual harassment
  • Full, permanent immigration #StatusForAll
  • Supporting migrant worker’s rights advocacy
  • Supporting Farm workers rights (production to food service/grocery sectors)
  • Worker-to-worker support across sectors, sharing knowledge and lived experiences
  • Acting in support of Indigenous Sovereignty, healing and resistance (Land Back!)
  • Teaching labour history and amplifying worker-led resistance to police violence (cops out of unions)
  • Supporting a transition to sustainable work that doesn’t exploit or harm people, the land, water and climate
  • Living wages, a higher minimum wage, and equal pay for equal work (no unpaid internships!)
  • Closing the enforcement gap on employment standards with community organizing (justice delayed is justice denied!)

    .…and more!
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Worker Wednesdays

Online organizing calls and worker-led actions
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July 31

Outreach Calendar

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Building Collective Power Series

Skill building workshops, Free for members of the network

Protecting Your Gratuities and Tip Pools
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Wage Theft Workshop
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