How to Calculate Your Wages

Do you need help calculating the wages you are owed? We’ve created tools below to help you calculate your wages and your severance pay.

Wage Calculator

You can use this when you are filing a complaint with the Employment Standards Branch, or get a head start when requesting support from the WSN’s Solidarity Stewards Program.

Things You Need:

How to Use the Wage Calculator

  1. Open the Wage Calculator Google Spreadsheet.
    1. You will need to save your own copy – you cannot edit the document. To make a copy, simply copy (CTRL+A) the entire spreadsheet and paste into a blank Google Sheets document. It is not recommended to convert into a Microsoft Excel file as the formulas in the calculator do not transfer over.
  2. The calculator has every day of the year on the left-hand column. Find the dates you worked, and input:
    1. Your wage rate (i.e. how much you make in an hour, e.g. $15)
    2. Your start and end time (you must specify AM or PM, e.g. start time 9 AM end time 5 PM)
    3. And if you get an unpaid break (e.g. workers are entitled to a 30 minute unpaid break for every 5 hours worked), input that in hours (e.g. 0.5 = 30 minutes)
    4. Statutory holidays are highlighted in red, and stat pay is calculated automatically for those dates.
  3. Once you input this information, your wages are automatically calculated.
    1. You can see how much you are owed in the “($) Regular Hourly” column.
    2. If you worked overtime, you can see how much overtime pay you are owed in the “($) Overtime Pay” column.
  4. You can see the total amount of wages you are owed at the very bottom of the spreadsheet.



If you would like assistance on filling out your wage calculator, we occasionally host Wage Theft Workshops for other organizations. Find more information about our workshops here!