Decades ago when working class communities were more closely connected through the manufacturing industry, community was a strong characteristic of the workers. Though there were barriers between us, through separate additional forms of oppression (e.g., due to race, gender, sexuality, etc.), our shared socio-economic class oppression was a uniting foundation upon which in times of sharp class struggle against the capitalist ruling class we most clearly recognised that our far-reaching solidarity surpassed any barriers of learned bourgeois prejudices.

Today, however, our communities are different; capitalism has advanced and adapted for further plundering of the global working class. As a result, here in Canada, we find ourselves in precarious jobs disconnected into small isolated workplaces where community, let alone class solidarity, is rare to blossom.

To revive our community, to strengthen our solidarity, to organise our shared class struggle, and to eventually bring about the much needed changes we strive for, we must reach not only across barriers of differences but so too across workplaces. It is not enough for workers from one company to bond outside of their separated workplaces, nor is it enough for workers from one industry to do the same. We must come together from all directions across the city, the Island, the province, the country. In the broader sense even that isn’t enough; the workers around the whole world must unite if we’re to truly bring about a better world for all.

Our first step, humble as it may be, is to bring our community together on a regular monthly basis. Here we may find respite from our exploitation; bond with those we’re so similar yet separated from; discuss our struggles against capitalism, patriarchy, colonialism, Islamophobia, racism, cis-heteronormativity, and beyond; and ultimately organise for our shared future broadly as a re-solidifying community of diverse workers. Bringing together such a wide range of working class people is an absolute necessity if any substantial change is to come; all real positive change must come from the masses below. If we fail to build lasting community, we fail to have a strong voice, and thus we fail to change our society to one free from the oppression and exploitation we endure today.