Solidarity Stewards Program

Our Purpose

1. Build a Community

of support that will fight for improved
wages, working conditions, and
equality in the retail sector

2. Win Victories

through direct actions with workers
who face injustice and wage theft
from their employers.

3. Raise the Standards

in the retail sector and hold companies accountable to implementing them.

What is the Solidarity Stewards Program?

Worker Solidarity Network will provide the tools and the framework for our solidarity and organizing. The Solidarity Stewards Program works towards workers’ justice through the means of frontline organizing by directly supporting workers that are being exploited by their boss.

Solidarity Stewards are the main point of contact for anyone who is facing unfair working conditions. This looks like informing workers about their options in whatever situation they’re facing at work, and having a worker’s back throughout the entire complaints process with the Employment Standards Branch, which is the body that regulates the basic minimum rights that workers in BC are entitled to. You can meet our Solidarity Stewards here!

What does the process of working with the Solidarity Stewards Program look like?

The process is straightforward, and it involves ongoing phone calls between the worker and a Solidarity Steward where details of the worker’s case are discussed, as well as the worker sending us any evidence they may have. The evidence does not have to be in depth. Then, we wait until the worker’s complaint gets picked up by the Branch.

At that point, we enter an investigation process where you may be offered a settlement or a formal decision, depending on the case. We are here to support you at all stages of the process and you do not have to navigate this alone. This is how workers get their hard earned wages back!