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Write That Sh*t Down

Are you hesitant to file a complaint about an employer due to lack of evidence?

Perhaps you are worried that your verbal account of harassment or discrimination isn’t enough.

Get in the habit of writing it down!

Write everything down, especially when you are facing difficulties in the workplace. Even keeping brief notes of your working experience can help in situations where you have to fight workplace injustice down the line, and it only takes a second to keep a record of each occurance.

Do you have a difficult relationship with your employer?

Preach! Did you know that in Canada, you are legally permitted to record any conversation where you are a participant? Both in person and on the phone, you may openly or discreetly record any conversation that you are a part of. The law states that so long as one party gives consent (that’s you!) the conversation can be recorded. You are not required to inform the other party you are recording, but do be careful, people don’t usually like to know they’ve been recorded.

Before you record, also be sure to consult your workplaces confidentiality agreement. While you can’t sign away your right to record a conversation where you are an open participant (speaking), you may be reprimanded according to your workplace confidentiality policy.

Notes aren’t the only paper trail you should keep!

Make sure to keep a copy of your:

  • Employment offer/contract
  • Schedules
  • Work emails
  • Archived copies of work group chats if the employer is a member of that group
  • Benefits plan
  • Employee/workplace manual; and,
  • If possible, a screenshot of the original job ad.

All these documents can be useful if you ever need to pursue a complaint, even if you unionize! If you don’t have these, you can request them from your employer/HR.

Ready to make a complaint?

Reach out to the WSN by phone (1-888-482-1837) or file a complaint. We are here to help you fight workplace injustice, by helping you retrieve stolen wages and tips, file a complaint about your boss, or help organize your workplace to improve working conditions, and our support is 100% free.