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Workplace Justice

Part of our guide to your rights as a worker in B.C.

Filing a complaint against your employer

If you are no longer working for the employer, you must file your complaint within six months of your last day of work. The wage recovery period is 1 year starting from your last day of work or when the issue occured.

If you’re owed wages, an employer can be required to pay you interest.

It is illegal for an employer to fire you or punish you because you file an employment standards or human rights complaint, or claim with WorkSafe BC.

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Organizing your workplace

You have a right to associate with the Worker Solidarity Network, labour unions, and to organize your co-workers for the purpose of improving your collective working conditions. Unionized workers, and workers who are in the process of unionizing, have added protections through the BC Labour code.

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Your right to unionize

Organizing a union or association amongst your co-workers will give you a stronger voice to make improvements in your workplace. This is an effective way to put the control of your work life into yours and your co-worker’s hands. There are many benefits to forming a union.

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Do you feel like these laws don’t go far enough? We agree!

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