Know Your Rights

Are you missing wages? Is your employer withholding gratuities? Have you experienced harassment or unfair treatment at work?
You have rights and we’ve got your back!
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Employers must provide basic protections for their employees in B.C.

Most of these are set out in the B.C. Employment Standards Act, the Workers Compensation Act, and the BC Human Rights Code.

Below we have broken down some basic employment rights in B.C. into 7 categories.

If your employer is breaking these rules call the solidarity hotline at 1-888-482-1837 or file a complaint here.

*The following is educational information and should not be taken as legal advice, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

Temporary migrant workers in B.C. are also covered by parts of the BC Employment Standards Act. However, farm workers are excluded from overtime and statutory pay.  See here for more information.

Visit the Migrant Workers Centre, Dignidad Migrante Society, Radical Action with Migrants in Agriculture (RAMA),  or contact us to be connected with a member of our team. We have translated resources, and members of our network that you can speak to that have lived experience of racial marginalization and barriers to accessing your rights at work.

Getting Paid

Types of Employment

Scheduling, Breaks, & Leaves

Health & Safety

Quitting & Being Fired

Workplace Justice

Your Rights During a Pandemic

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