Past Campaigns

November 2021

Paid Sick Days Now!

Thanks to our collective organizing efforts, things have progressed since the launch of our petition!

Now, with 5 permanent paid sick days implemented in January 2022, and 3 COVID-related and temporary sick days implemented in May 2021, here’s what workers are calling for:

•  3 paid sick days guaranteed each year without eligibility restrictions
•  7 additional paid sick days to be accrued over time, equating to 10 days per year
•  +10 days added during a pandemic or public health emergency

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June 2021

Tip-theft Justice for Brew Creek Workers!

On June 26, 2020 the Worker Solidarity Network (WSN) followed up on an anonymous tip about the Brew Creek Centre (BCC) in Whistler B.C. – a venue for special functions such as weddings, retreats and corporate gatherings. From this tip, our team learned that the BCC had a practice of informing its customers that “Prices do not include 18% gratuity and 5% GST” at the bottom of their Menu(s).

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Spring 2021

Job Protection

Employees in B.C. earning below the living wage are acutely aware of how replaceable they are in the eyes of their employer, forcing them to accept mistreatment as the norm, and preventing them from speaking up about issues at work. We organized with workers to shape demands for better job protection legislation for employees across B.C.!

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