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Ask a Counselor: Mental Health at Work

Video resources for workers about mental health supports at work from registered clinical counselors.

In the fall of 2022, the Worker Solidarity Network embarked on a video project with 3 Victoria-based counselors. Consisting of a total of 9 mental health videos addressing various worker-related topics, this video series acts to expand our solidarity stewards program. These videos were created as educational resources acting as accessible alternatives to WSN’s other resources (e.g. our solidarity stewards program, our monthly Worker Wednesday events, in-person rallies and more) to overcome barriers such as hectic work schedules in low-wage, non-unionized job sectors often present.

With these videos being uploaded onto YouTube, we are hopeful that workers will be able to access them at their own time and comfort, and find its way to workers beyond just BC seeing that a lot of these questions span broad topics like being a frontline worker during a pandemic, eco-anxiety, stress management strategies for work.

Credits: These videos were shot and edited by Thomas Reimer.

Video Gallery

Why is it Important for Workers to Receive Mental Health Support?

Mental Health, Work, and Balance
How Do I Cope with Eco-Anxiety?
Dealing with Edginess, Nerves, and Anxiety at Work
How Do You Manage Stress at Work?
How to Manage Hot Headed Customers
What Causes Mental Health Problems?
Mental Health Resources in Victoria, BC