Fired up about job protection?

Estimated time: 10 min

Share your story with this survey! The Worker Solidarity Network has created this survey to learn more about the pressing concerns workers have when it comes to job protection in B.C. We also want to hear your thoughts on what needs to change to make job protections for workers better.

What we’re doing with survey results:  We’ll use this survey to help shape our calls for action! We’ll also publish survey results (by creating a brief report, social media infographics, etc.) to bring needed visibility to issues that impact workers in B.C. 

Statement on privacy:  If you answer any of the open-ended questions and we draw on your response, we’ll take steps to protect your identity. For example by stripping identifying information (like names of workplaces) from your response.

Demographic Information: We’re asking these questions because we want to shed a light on patterns and unique experiences marginalized people face at work. Answering these questions is optional.

Participating is 100% optional and voluntary. Survey participants will be entered into a draw for a prize pack (valued at $200). If you have any questions about this survey please contact us here.