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Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

We launched a petition to demand that the the BC provincial government upholds its commitment to increasing funding to the Employment Standards Branch (ESB) to increase capacity, staffing, training, and to address wait times, as well as ensuring that additional funds be allocated to the ESB in the upcoming 2023 provincial budget.

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Workers Rising: United for a Just Labour Future

At this stage in the COVID-19 pandemic, workers understand more than ever that they deserve better protections and fair treatment. We want to mobilize with this momentum toward a just recovery.

It’s time to redistribute power and mobilize cross-sector and across the province, putting solidarity in action by demanding a safe and equitable future for all. This campaign encompasses our Network’s collective visions for the future as precarious and non-unionized workers in “B.C.”

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Mental Health at Work

The Worker Solidarity Network embarked on a video project with 3 Victoria-based counselors. Consisting of a total of 9 mental health videos addressing various worker-related topics, this video series acts to expand our solidarity stewards program.

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Climate and Labour Justice Project

Climate justice and labour justice are intrinsically linked. Natural disasters such as rising temperatures, extreme flooding, and active wildfires disproportionately affect essential, precarious workers.

Through community-engaged research, our project centres the voices of workers across BC who have been affected by climate change. The project goal is to build worker power and foster connections among those who are otherwise isolated and unprotected.

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